placelessness.the cedars in texas sometimes slightly smell like the pines in colorado. Turn of the century lighting on the pedestrian mall so much like36 cafes at night burning the streets of paris.37 This smell: your hair on a pillow I've never slept on.38 Hey, let's go get a beer at---shit. Waking up, still disoriented in time zone when I look at the clock, always able to overcompensate for living; inky colons marking the insides of my thighs: not zone(s) mixed in these zone, those moments before waking and the blinds are lilting; someone out39 for fresh produce.

36the quality or state of the chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons


38this should be bypassed by now: the new interface has really improved our client relations. [less suspicious.]

39an unending 6 way-stop-conversation of the expatriate ideal. so nice to scheme, but we each quiet the dis.ease of a serious proposition. multiple birds serve so well. a scattered generation makes for great art, but little voice. not the first, would scratch towards last in. one.hundred allusions to film. we've not grown up so hard though, all flesh soft, supple for the tanning. ripe for the market.