new wave in the afternoon; cloudy. sin/ammon or sake (5/7/5)?101 the answer, it should be known, is rather in.consequential. community work like cans collecting in a gutter between a new sushi place and woman-in-box.102 at the table, in symphony the phones light up, twinkling in pockets and purses. less entertained by four people at the table not addressing each other, has lost its novelty. complacent in choice of cocktails. game replay on a loop of television screens. no french accordions, no filler for the limbs that are too insulated to have leaves.103

101candle for john paul
I left flickering for breath,
distracted by self

102"connect the dots, tra-la-la-la"

103hipbones bruising in new ways now, insult to petals left to wait. a small place and a weather pattern that is inconsistent from year to year.