Poignant3 and Understated.4 Soundtracks are perfect for this thing of living. Weaving through traffic we hear Depeche Mode's It's No Good new thick black sunglasses look fantastic. Hair blows like silk in the wind of the down-rolled window. There is no humidity. At the light, ruefully look off camera. The sight of two lovers on the sidewalk cues Nico's These Days, and slow-mo turns the head back into the car, looks at the texture of the skin on the hands, grasping the wheel. The skin glows translucent under the sun, and the hint of a blue vein under the surface is a reminder of the heart pumping life, that the salinity of blood is the exact same as the ocean's.5 The inner-monologue is suggested simply in the slow, low exhale let to leave my body, eyes down turned, a reminiscent but distant smile betrayed. Remembering the simple truth that the heart is an organ that continues to function at full capacity despite being shattered. This function is what predestines humans to be illogical beings possessing of strong reasoning skills. That night, in a well-furnished bedroom toss and turn in bed, look out the window at a full moon breaking the cedars. Comes in: Sufjan Stevens, Concerning6 the UFO sighting at Highland, Illinois. For no reason at all the moonlight takes a blue tint.

3"count in quarter notes to ten" because "I wait in 4/4 time"

4imagefile: [series1]Bed Series #4

5Vanabins (aka vanadium-associated proteins or vanadium chromagen) are a specific group of vanadium-binding proteins. Found only in the blood of some ascidians and tunicates (sea squirts), these organisms are able to concentrate vanadium to a level more than 100 times higher than in the surrounding seawater. Vanabin proteins seem to be involved in collecting and accumulating this metal ion. At present there is no conclusive understanding of why these organisms collect vanadium, and it remains a biological mystery.

6"Then to Lebanon, Oooh God. the flashing at night, the sirens grow and grow."