From Michigan to Illinois. Is a long way to walk with a small puppy and a cricket in a tiny japanese cage55 requiring fresh water every few hours. Banjo plucked in the other room this morning as I roll in my bed, tugged back and forth between the need to get off and the need to sleep. Each half win in the end. A wreck of us all. Weeks of a bruised left ankle, I've started to believe it's some kind of sign of times to come. Persistent times? Unseen, but definitely felt times? Of all the lovers I've ever had, how many do I still speak with?56 Cuando el presidente me dio su pelo, su boca abrio y una lila tan chiquita cresio de su lengua.57 And at that moment I felt the cedars thick in the air, my lungs sang, I rolled my eyes slowly backwards.

55there are many places in which cricket-fighting is a favored pastime.

56Neither the type to leave nor to be left.

57Waxing only out of wishing. exfoliating to remove the layers too familiar.