In the Hall of Tango: [slowly rotate.] Extend this leg behind you, darling. Put your hand here my lovely. May I place my hand[...]dresses for this evening are provided with places for hands already cut out between the shoulder blades. Let me guide you petite cherie, the ball of my hand placed into the river of your spine. Art Nouveau advertised on the walls, hallway of mirror holding the band, all: subliminal possession. Suggestion, and then to renegotiate the terms of these endeavors. bodies tracked by the movement of heat along the perimeter. violin in vibrations29 imitating the synapse found between the dancers. May we speak darkly, just above the music and brought to the coil of the ear. May the pulse transmitted from the fingertips30 be a bold overture.

29Remember The Morning When I Played Brahms, knelt and steadied across his hips; I Slowly Pulled The Notes From The Instruments Body. (leaning towards the left hip just to clear the box, ) still letting its tip graze towards the psoas muscle (but only at the G-sharps,) I woke you with a small hunger at the back of my jaw. only noteworthy because there was no electric hum and the room suddenly grew claustrophobic, your shoulders and neck became the only way out

30from the small of the back, the thighs and neck, bridged at the waist.