Poignant and Understated.6. this newest script6 in the notebook did not match all the others, not educated in latin america, and accentos were missing where they very much belonged. one mishap in.tense. an ever-so-slightly different vocabulary than the ideal. calling all relevant deities: this time la virgen.7 just in case that did not work,8 I bought a st. dymphna medal, that night, leaving that/apartment, something like a hole in normal gravity, having to walk slowly to be aware of the earth's surface. stopped to breath the scents of this late November (belly holding its silence in protest.) and then lazarus9 called out from the ledge, knew his voice even before turning. I had received the grey sign for which I'd asked so many. In the car: a small.loud prayer in gratitudes; Pink Floyd's Brain Damage (eyes tilted to the green radio read-out.) seems to be a reoccurring soundtrack element, these days.

6soundfile: The Magnetic Fields: (crazy for you but) not that crazy

7de guadalupe, de san juan del valle.

8said a prayer to Hashem, listened to internet tracks of Adhan (soundfile: reading Islamic call to prayer)

9".and in the dark to bind them."