The screen of women, so many cords with so little joining space. I press glass to my mouth this morning14 and take a deep breath. 19 months without waking to rain and then suddenly, BAM!15 I'm wet16 all over. The pitter-patter from it hitting one rib, then dripping down to the next. The grass is thirsty and I will not compete with it for spaces in the sun. places where at the edge you could take to the river. When things crumble they are only ridden, never lead. I loved this one length-wise that way the spices would not be diluted with the sweat I dripped.17

14Mist over the northwest hills: the sky goes on forever here without large slabs of sedimentary stone tilted up onto the foothills. I am claustrophobic without the walls of ponderosa pine and aspens.

15a.) The formation or use of words such as buzz or murmur that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to.
b.) is a DC Comics supervillain who first appeared in Green Arrow #11 (February 2002). a serial killer who targets non-powered, vigilante superheroes. Named so because he imitates noises around him, such as dripping taps, gunshots etc. He was created by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester.

16The muscles in my thighs are sore and warm and I remember one to my shoulder, yoga of my toes flat to the bed above my head. I was inside-out.

17Presence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.