And when we talk about it our voices get quiet;        says to me, I don't think I trust myself anymore.31 Sometimes we want the condom to to say. There's always that one time you're sad at the end of the month. This isn't supposed to happen anymore.or. Not to highly educated, semi-political, liberal women.32 There was this one time, only once and never like that again, that morning after stumbling out of bed not sure of the walls, that I doubled over and cried. The light was so light that everything seemed the same shade of pale           .but this.           33and I stared. And nothing had ever been guilt before. And months later to tell a friend and she tells the same to the same, she tells a friend to the same-same. And if anybody talks about it, it's always eyes lowered, doing something with the hands, looking up at the other person's face every now and then for reassurement. but a sensation so familiar.35 when we talk about it we get smaller; we take different names.

31"Tuesday night at the bible study we lift our hands and pray over your body but nothing ever happens"

32A princeton study found that the number one characteristic that defined this class of women is a concept called Effortless Perfection.the drive to try and appear as if they simply woke up looking as manicured as they do, and downplay the truly surprising amount of time, money, and physical pain it usually requires to look and behave the part.


34We save face with things like, "I mean, could there be anything less feminist?!" and are both disgusted with ourselves for feeling it, and mostly disgusted with ourselves in being so weak as to talk about it.

35A tires-wing or snowcone.distraction. like cancer of the mouth