Today.72 clock screen, cd screen,73 laptop screen, microwave screen,74 tv screen, Phone screen, treadmill75 screen, tv screen, stairmachine screen, ellip-phone screen-tical machine screen, tv screen, Phone screen, cd screen,76 gaspump screen, self check-out screen, creditcard77machine screen, GPS screen, IMAX screen, phone screen, creditcardmachine screen, creditcardmachine screen, price check screen, creditcard machinescreen, gate entrance screen, desktop screen, tv screen, phone screen, gate entrance screen, phone screen, laptop screen, phone screen, phone screen, phone screen, ATM78 screen, cash register screen,79 cash register screen, phone screen, tv screen, microwave screen, laptop screen, phone screen, tv screen, tv screen, tv screen....clock screen.

72Repitition versus Replication

73Link: soundfile.stop.shake it off.

74a prayer in thanks in the safe return of some.

75does anyone else feel like we're going round and round on a squeaking metal wheel. can't seem to find the exit around here...

76Link: soundfile, sounds of distant voices on the street, traffic, gas pumps?

77Would you like to Add to Cart or Proceed to Checkout?

78Little boy running through the desert, babbling unintelligibly, a promise of water and an immediate opportunity to shop.

79If I never saw it to begin with, it isn't ever truly gone when I spend it. A whole liberating world of imaginary values and relationships;