the act of falling out of love. The racquet serves a unique purpose in tennis. Fifteen-love, and already out of breath. Dropping the ball: forget to make dinner reservations, and the middle eastern standoff51 still persists in thorning the side.52 Beer in the morning, single servings don't make for an alcoholic. Leeeeet the sunshine in:53 Series dedicated to the fifty states of america. If only to be fifty-one. Unanswered prayers and loose change54 on the dresser. Intending requires really knowing what is wanted.

51Many languages to mend the same wound. I loved a woman once. There is still a small score year old scar on my wrist where I hurt myself swinging a machete in the barn.

52Making the harvest a sweeter place; could have offered you a glass more purple.

53Roland Barthes's A Lovers Discourse

54The nerve pinched at the left base of my spine, I just realized, is stubborn to mend because of my right hand bias-slash-physical dependence on the benevolent hum of the computer. It appears I must choose the ability to sit and stand comfortably...or choose the keyboard. Should I opt for the former, I must get up from the machine right now and simply walk away.