the citygirl's guide to modern living. The modern girl23 must always have an escape route (this is rule number one.24) There has never been a stronger marriage than the one between big asses and bentleys25. Two slices of sidewalk pizza are always better than one. Italian leather slingbacks have a stronger connection to the Force26 than many are willing to admit. personal access should be regulated with gadgetry; a flashing picture, an anonymous decline. The urban family should never be taken for granted,27 though taking it for granted inevitably leads to a margarita machine.28 And if all fails, when remembering the chronic simulacrum of contemporary living, smile. The smile will remind you that in fact you are happy (despite your best efforts.)

23defined by shopping habits, marital status, and media consumption more than age group.

24sentence typed-erased-typed again: the phone suddenly rings, saved at the end of it all, conversation(somewhere there are wires crossed, then reordered into more intimate and understood languages. you love the screen because you love the words hiccupping onto it.) conjured or not, there is no intent of offense; the art of carefully choosing words in relation. for example, if the mouths were in same proximity, there would be no editing process. full blown. a cloudline that has managed to escape the shape of the city.

25"my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun."

26interesting fact: men often don't walk in pairs, and even feel safe doing so.

27vanadium: a transition metal added to steel to combat metal fatigue

28In groups of threes: death, zodiac signs passed, this morning's orgasms (there were no names said)