The exchange of secrets. Sun coming up over the cedars: 9493 days of94 summer to explain. There is a conversation that loops in the mind, but seems like there's never an opportunity to speak its wares. [ethical self-creation; take. the anti Christian ideal, somehow, so reversed; St. Augustine.] "The moment of change is given in a passage: the intelligible sphere is revealed in a transport in a sudden movement of transcendence, where tangible matter is surpassed. the intellect or the concept, situated outside time, is defined as a sovereign order, to which the world of things is subordinated, just as it subordinated the gods of mythology. in this way the intelligible world has the appearance of the divine."95

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94mirror, to the mirror, the light bounced between us-hopscotch: 0101001001. in time/without. will    skip over, back.up to where it already is.  step reverse.  2 forward. wish for something linear.    thanking g-d for unanswered prayers but a little suspicious of the timing. good day young sir. [looking at the clock]. have mistaken the kitchen timer for reliability.-something quiet and always lovely. the loving of tea saucers. the one that remembered that perfume in the shop window; the one who mourns all the leaves.

95Georges Bataille, The Theory of Religion.