this text is meant to change, to move between solidities, to become both deeply personal and anonymous in the readerís body. It is my hope that the reader will find a challenge to the illusory connections we project onto language. Iím interested in the reader being proactive in the construction of the narrative, choosing their own path through the pieces, and more importantly bringing their own experiences and interpretations to these images and parasyntactical sentences. What personal memories does it trigger? How can those thought trains be silently inserted into the text to create a different product with each reading? I love both meaning within language, and rejecting its very existence. Though this seems like a problematic position, it is my aim to celebrate the hybrid and to offer an opportunity to practice holding disparate feelings/ideas within the self without anxiety or longing for complete reconciliation. Indeterminacy is quite possibly more real than any affirmation or negation.

this project is many things, but probably above all else it is a series of explorations on the elements of American culture (and a bit of other) that most interest me: the human-tech relationship(s), consumerism, feminism(s), foreign policy, and our ever fluctuating stance on spirituality and religion. more than that Iím interested in how these things manifest in specific life, Iím interested in evaluating experience of culture and not simply its tidy objective realities {{(if such a thing exists.)}}