The Author
kristin cerda was born on the Texas-Mexico border in 1982. Being half Chilean she has never been considered white enough or Latina enough. In this borderland of identity, where solidities refuse themselves, sheís grown an obsession with, and pride in, things that exist within the in/between/spaces. A self-proclaimed grammar geek and surrealist sympathizer, kristin enjoys multiple approaches to chasing after experiences of pure being, consuming media, spiritual mysticism(s), and stress-shopping while complaining how un-feminist it is. In 2006 she received a BA from Naropa Universityís Jack Kerouac School in Boulder, CO. Her day job includes such gems as having intelligent conversations on the impressionists with an ever-surprising 5 year old. She currently is pursuing her not-always-quiet life in Austinís Northwest Hills.

The Website
The idea to turn the text-in-the-making into an internet location came as a solution to the problem that standard hardcopy is hard to construct in a truly nonlinear fashion. Now, the site and text have come to inform each other. As the months and years go on, the site and text will slowly shape-shift.

The Webdesigner
Seth Weisfeld was born in Austin and studied electrical engineering at the University of Texas. A futurist, a technician, a Maker with a voracious appetite for media of all forms. Blogs, internet shopping...Supporter of piracy, Creative Commons, the EFF, open source in general. If itís got an electric pulse, he loves it. Seth is deeply concerned about our culture and planet circling the drain, and is therefore a fierce cultural critic and supporter of sustainable practices. Most importantly, Seth can grill a burger that will make you weep.